NEX Exchange
Globe Capital Ltd is a investment company quoted on the NEX Exchange mar­ket.

Investment Strategy

The Company will seek investments which would generally create capital appreciation for its Shareholders. The Directors’ main investment criteria are: –

  • A strong and credible business plan;
  • A core of competent and dedicated management team committed to developing and expanding the business;
  • Businesses with highly marketable products/services which require funding to growth;
  • Businesses which have the potential to realise sustainable value through the receipt of further funding and possibly listing on a public market;
  • Investment opportunities which can be developed through the investment of capital or where part of or all of the consideration could be satisfied by the issue of ordinary shares or other securities in the Company; and
  • Businesses where the Directors can be proactive in value-creation through their experience and expertise.

However, these criteria are not intended to be exhaustive and the Directors may make an investment which does not fulfill any or all of the investment criteria if they believe it is in the interests of shareholders as a whole to proceed with such an investment.

The Company intends to be an active investor in situations where the Company can make a clear contribution to the progress and development of the investment. To this end, where the Directors believe that an investee company could significantly benefit from the expertise and input of the Directors, the Directors would seek representation on the board of the investee company.

The Company will invest for the medium to long-term. However, should an opportunity arise earlier to realise its investments, the Company will seek to maximise value for Shareholders.